USI Information

Read about USIs, why you need one and how you can get one.

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Why do I need a USI?

A Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) must have your Unique Student Identifier (USI) before they can award your certifications documentation (Certificates, Statements of Attainment).

Your (USI) also gives you an online account where you can access all of your training records (from January 2015).  You can view and download all of your records when you need them for employment or further training. No more losing your paperwork!

Your account also allows you to:

  • View and update your details
  • Choose which training providers can view your and update records
  • Give the Smart and Skilled funding body to access your USI details – this is required if you are doing a Smart and Skilled subsidised course (see below) .

How do I get my USI?

Your USI is free. You apply online and need to enter details from a valid form of identification.  See

If you have trouble getting your USI or if you think you already have one you can email us on

How do I give Smart and Skilled access to my USI?

Log into your USI account at .  Go to ‘Provide your USI’ and at the bottom of that screen click ‘Add organisation’. Add these details:

Organisation Code: TA0002

Organisation Name: NSW – State Training Services

Click ‘Search’ then ‘Add’.

On the new screen tick ‘View Transcript’ and ‘View Details’ and set the ‘Expiry Date’ to 2 years. Click ‘Save’.

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Smart and Skilled Information

What is Smart and Skilled, and how could it affect you?

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What is Smart and Skilled?

Smart and Skilled is a NSW Government program which subsidises training in order to provide quality outcomes for learners that are aligned to industry skill needs. The training is provided by Smart and Skilled approved Registered Training Organisations.

There are eligibility requirements for Smart and Skilled. To be eligible for the program you must be:

  • 15 years old or over, and
  • no longer at school, and
  • living or working in NSW (or an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person living in specific NSW border areas, and
  • an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, Australian humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen


  • a NSW apprentice or a new-entrant trainee undertaking a selected traineeship on the NSW Skills List

Previous qualifications do not affect your eligibility. If you have a Certificate IV or higher qualification you are still able to access subsidised Smart and Skilled training up to Certificate III level, providing you meet the personal eligibility criteria for Smart and Skilled.

However, as you already have a post-school qualification, you will pay a higher fee for your Smart and Skilled training than someone who does not have any qualifications.

Our Smart and Skilled aged care courses

Nambucca Vocational College is a Smart and Skilled approved training provider for two aged care qualifications.  We are able to deliver Smart and Skilled subsidised aged care traineeships in:

  • CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support
  • CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support.

We can also offer subsidised training courses that target specific industry skill needs in the Mid North Coast area. Recent examples include our Work Ready program which covers the industry skills to get you started in aged care work or an aged care traineeship.

These programs are subsidised under the NSW Government’s Smart and Skilled program.

Smart and Skilled fees and subsidies

Smart and Skilled provides different levels of subsidies depending on a student’s eligibility. In most cases you will have to pay a fee. This fee is set by Smart and Skilled and applies to all Registered Training Organisations that deliver under the program. This means you will pay the same fee regardless of which training provider you choose.

Concessions may apply for example if you are on welfare payments, have experienced domestic violence, are indigenous, are an asylum seeker, have a disability, have been home schooled or live in social housing or out of home care.

Please tell us when you enrol if any of these apply to you. We will help you get your concession and we will provide additional support through the course, if you need it.

To find out what fees and subsidies might apply see here.

You should also read the Smart and Skilled Fee admin policy.

Smart and Skilled Consumer Protection Strategy

Smart and Skilled provides consumer protection for students under the Smart and Skilled Consumer Protection Strategy.  You can download the Strategy here.

Further consumer protection information can be found here.

Or you can contact Smart and Skilled enquiries and complaints directly via
Phone: 1300 772 104
Onlineenquiry/complaints form

The College’s consumer protection policy aligns to the Smart and Skilled consumer protection strategy and is outlined in Complaints, Appeals and Consumer Protection below.

Enrolment Process Information

Discover how you can enrol at Nambucca Vocational College.

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Personal information

When you decide to enrol with Nambucca Vocational College you can choose to enrol online or with a paper-based enrolment form.

Either way you need to provide personal information and 100 points of ‘proof of identity’.

You can use the proof of identity documents that you use to set up a bank account. You need to bring the original documents to the College, even if you have uploaded them with your online enrolment. That way we can verify that they are the true copies and the right documents.

Examples of proof of identify documents and their points values are listed below.

Document type Value
Australian birth certificate 70
Australian Passport 70
Australian Citizenship Certificate 70
International Passport 70
Australian Visa Document 70
Australian Driver’s Licence 40
Australian Photo Firearm Licence 40
State or Federal Government Employee Photo Identity Card 40
Centrelink or Social Security Card 40
Proof of Age Card 40
Medicare card 25
Council rates notice 25
Property/lease rental agreement 25


The personal information we collect includes your full name, date of birth, past education, your cultural background and whether you have any disabilities.

The college must collect this personal information for the national VET data collection. The information also helps us find the right training course for you and helps us provide the support you need to succeed in the course.

Your information is protected under our Privacy and student records policy which is outlined below.

How to enrol and pay fees

Find the course you want to enrol in. Use the ‘Enquire now’ button on the course page. This sends an email to the College saying that you are interested in the course. We will contact you to see if you want more information about the course or you are ready to enrol. We will email you the enrolment form and Student Handbook, or you can come into the College.

Once you have these you can choose to enrol using the paper-based form or online. If you enrol online you can pay via credit card or you can choose to pay later. If you choose to pay later you will get an invoice from NVC Group Ltd (Nambucca Vocational College’s parent company).

If you enrol via the form you will get an invoice from NVC Group Ltd and you can in person or by online banking.

Notification of enrolment

For Smart and Skilled subsidised courses the College must process a Notification of Enrolment for each student. To do this we will:

  • Inform you of any fees you will have to pay and any third party or subcontracting arrangements that apply to your course
  • Check you eligibility for Smart and Skilled and, if needed, verify that you have the correct support documents
  • Verify that you have read and understand the information in the Student Handbook for your course (you sign the last page)
  • Get your signed declaration that the information you provide on your enrolment form is true, accurate, complete and not misleading in any way (this declaration is part of the enrolment form)
  • Get your consent to release your information to Smart and Skilled (this declaration is part of the enrolment form).
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Complaints, Appeals and Consumer Protection

As a student you can lodge a complaint if you are not happy about how people treat you, the training delivery or assessment result, the quality of our services or other aspects of your experience with Nambucca Vocational College.

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The first step is to talk to your trainer (or another College staff member) and try to work out a solution. The College staff member will not make a judgement about the issue but will help you decide what you want to do. You might decide to talk to the person about the issue you have with them or to make a suggestion to the College about something we should improve. The College staff member will note that you have raised an issue and what you have decided to do.

If you have a serious concern, such as bullying or other forms of abuse, you might decide to lodge a formal complaint. You can also lodge a formal complaint if you haven’t been able to reach a solution for an issue.

The College will undertake a formal resolution process taking into consideration the type of complaint or appeal, the supporting evidence and any other available information. The process will typically include:

  • Written acknowledgment of your complaint
  • Explanation of the resolution process and who will be involved, confidentiality and record keeping requirements
  • Assurance that that the person making a complaint will not be punished, expelled or disadvantaged for making a complaint
  • A commitment to resolve the complaint/appeals within 60 days or to provide written explanation as to progress and why resolution can’t be achieved in the time frame
  • Notifications in writing of the process and outcomes.

You can lodge an assessment appeal if you disagree with the final outcome of your assessment. The process will typically include:

  • Written acknowledgment of your appeal and explanation of the resolution process
  • Review of the assessment evidence by an independent assessor with input from a subject matter expert, if required
  • A commitment to resolve the complaint/appeals within 60 days or to provide written explanation as to progress and why resolution can’t be achieved in the time frame
  • Notifications in writing of the process and outcomes
  • In some cases the RTO Manager might refer the appeal to mediation.

For full details of the policy see your Student Handbook.

If you are not satisfied with the result of a resolution process the following options are available:

  • National Training Complaints Hotline: 13 38 73 (option 4)
  • Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA):
  • For complaints about a Smart and Skilled course (see Smart and Skilled above) you can call 1300 772 104.
Privacy and Student Records Policy

Our privacy and student records policy dictates how we can use your info.

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Nambucca Vocational College strongly supports the privacy and confidentiality of information about students. We collect and store information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. This means that we will not give out your information to any person or agency without your permission, unless we are required to do so by law. Where a student is in a course that is subsidised by Smart and Skilled we are required to provide the student’s personal information to them.

Nambucca Vocational College is required to report information to the regulator, the government and other funding bodies. In most cases the information is used for statistics about training delivery and outcomes. Information may also be disclosed to such agencies in order to promote and maintain a safe and disciplined learning environment.

The VET regulator (ASQA) requires access to our records in order to review our performance and compliance to legislation. ASQA may also contact students to obtain feedback on our performance.

Student records

Hard copies of personal information and student records are kept in secure storage at the College.  Electronic copies are stored on servers which are managed by external providers of IT services, including the aXcelerate Student Management System. We may also use other third parties to provide essential services on our site or for our business processes. We may share your details as necessary for the third party to provide these services. However the College will only use  third parties whose contracts prevent them from using  your personal information for any other purpose.

Students can request to see their own student records by submitting a request form. If any personal details are incorrect a student can ask to have them updated however they will need to provide evidence to support the correction.

Data security and aXcelerate Student Management System

Your personal information held by the Student Management System is protected by encryption using secure socket layer technology (SSL).

If you chose to pay by credit card via our website your credit card details will also be encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL) as they pass through the aXcelerate system. Credit card details are not stored by aXcelerate or by Nambucca Vocational College.

Data security and eWAY payments

Nambucca Vocational College uses the eWAY Payment Gateway for its online credit card transactions. All of these transactions are secured payments. Your complete credit card number cannot be viewed by Nambucca Vocational College or any third party services used by the College.

All transactions are performed under 128 Bit SSL Certificate. All transaction data is encrypted for storage within eWAY’s bank-grade data centre, further protecting your credit card data.

These payments are fully automated and actioned immediately. eWAY does not access your funds; it just transfers them from your credit card to the merchant account held by Nambucca Vocational College.

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