aged care short courses

Kickstart your career with aged care short courses at NV College

If you are seeking a rewarding career NV College is a great place to start. We offer a range of aged care short courses tailored to give you the necessary skills for a career in aged care.

What NV College offers

NV College proudly offers a variety of short courses in aged care. For someone new to the field, our short course acts as a ‘taster’, providing an insight into what a career in aged care involves. For those ready to enter the profession, a pre-employment course gets you job-ready. And for existing care staff aiming to advance their career, NV College offers upskilling courses designed to broaden your knowledge and enhance your skills.

Practical training

At NV College, our emphasis is on providing practical training. Our training is tailored to prepare you for the real-world situations that you will encounter in the aged care sector. NV College’s training programs are competency-based, ensuring that you acquire the necessary knowledge, but also learn how to apply these skills in a practical setting. NV College’s training aims to ensure that you are not just qualified but are also ready to step into your new role with confidence.

Flexible delivery

The delivery of courses is made flexible as we understand everyone has busy lives. This flexibility ensures that no matter your circumstances, the opportunity to learn and grow in the aged care profession is within reach.

The approach adopted by NV College in delivering its aged care short courses in the Coffs Harbour region is designed to provide a holistic learning experience. It’s about ensuring that every learner, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience, is given the right tools and support to thrive in the aged care profession.

Government subsidised courses

The government, recognising the staff shortage in this sector, has subsidised these courses, making it a financially viable option for many. This also highlights the job stability and ample employment opportunities in the aged care sector.

The subsidisation reflects the government’s trust in NV College to provide great training that meets the industry standards.

A supportive learning environment

At NV College, a team of qualified trainers and assessors are always at hand to offer guidance throughout your course. This supportive environment significantly enhances your learning experience and ensures you are well-prepared for a role in the aged care sector.

Choosing NV College for Aged Care Short Courses

The path towards a rewarding career in aged care begins with the right training. NV College’s aged care short courses in the Coffs Harbour region provide a platform for individuals to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. The government subsidisation, hands-on training, and the supportive learning environment make NV College an ideal choice for aged care training.

Reach out to NV College to learn more about aged care short courses Coffs Harbour. Your path to a fulfilling career is just a call away.