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I am an employer

We’ve been training staff to build our own skilled workforce for years. Now we want to help build yours.

We have the employer perspective. Nambucca Vocational College is an enterprise RTO. We work with and for real employers. Every day. That is what we do. That is why we exist.

Unlike a lot of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) we don’t have to try to understand the employer perspective as an add-on to our training business. Our training comes from the employer perspective.

We want to share that expertise with you. We want you to experience the benefits of industry driven, work-based training customised to your organisation.

Do we know your individual perspective and your specific needs? Not yet. But we sure know how to work with you and how to address many of the challenges in building the right workforce skills.

No obligation, no risk. Find out how we can help build your skills profile.

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Need additional high-quality staff?

Every business needs skilled and reliable workers. But unemployment rates are low and good workers are hard to find. When you do find recruits they probably need to be trained in the basics as well as the details of how you want things done. By the time you’ve invested all this it is frustrating and costly if they are not right for your business.

Traineeships – your staff, your ways

A Nambucca Vocational College traineeship program allows you to build your own skilled workforce, trained in how you do things and experienced in your workplace.

A traineeship is different from most aged care courses or hospitality courses. A traineeship attracts NSW government subsidies and Commonwealth employer incentives or wage subsidies.

And the qualification structure is defined by industry experts to provide consistency across the sector. But there is flexibility. You can choose elective units of competency – skills and knowledge – to suit your business.

Recruitment safety net
A Nambucca Vocational College traineeship program has a built in ‘safety net’. It gives you three selection points before you take on a permanent staff member.

The first selection is when you interview the candidates. You decide who to select for the Work Ready introductory stage of the program. Work Ready gives you an on the job trial of your chosen candidates typically for around a month. The students work part-time shifts on an unpaid work placement. You get to know their attitude and work ethic. We provide training that covers the basics for work, for example communications and safety.

Then you choose whether to offer a traineeship to students who completed the Work Ready stage. You support your trainees to learn and practice on the job and we provide the structured training. The traineeship gives you around 12 months to work with the trainee and see how they perform in your business.

There is no commitment to offer employment at any stage in the traineeship program.  After the traineeship you can choose whether to offer employment to anyone. And your decision will be based on their work performance and attitude in your workplace.

Three decision points while you get to know your potential recruits

  • Initial selection – you interview and choose your candidates for the Work Ready program
  • Choose your trainees – you can offer a traineeship to candidates from the Work Ready program (or not!)
  • Choose your employees – you can offer ongoing employment to traineeship (or not!)

No obligation, no risk. Find out how a traineeship program can give you a recruitment safety net.

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Industry focused traineeships
Nambucca Vocational College currently offers the traineeship program in two qualifications for aged care, disability and home and community services.

CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support – this program is very adaptable and allows you to choose six electives from a bank of more than fifty units of competency. It can be packaged to suit employers of care and support staff in residential aged care and disability services, home and community care and other community services.

CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support – this program is suitable for employers of care staff who take on a higher level of responsibility and autonomy. For example they might have a specialised role, provide leadership or contribute to quality processes in care delivery.

But we know that employers in aged care, disability and home and community services don’t just need care staff. Coming soon is our hospitality and housekeeping program.

This program will be tailored for employers in aged care, health, community services and hospitality who need staff with skills across a range of residential, food and beverage areas. The program will be aligned to SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality which is very adaptable. It allows you to choose are six electives across areas including food preparation and service, cleaning, laundry, room preparation, business administration, bar work, gaming and barista.

No obligation, no risk. Find out how a Nambucca Vocational College traineeship can help build your skills profile

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Employer incentives, financial benefits and investment
A Nambucca Vocational College traineeship program does more than deliver your own skilled and experienced workforce.  While you are selecting and evaluating your prospective staff you are rewarded with significant financial benefits.

  • You don’t pay any training fees
  • You could get employer incentive wage subsidies, up to $10,000 for some trainees
  • Work Ready (Stage 1) – there is no cost to you at all, just your investment in getting to know the candidates. The students’ work placement days are unpaid.
  • Traineeship (Stage 2) – you pay a training wage to your trainees, for up to 12 months for a full time trainee, training days included.

Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not. You probably know about other aged care courses and hospitality courses that have a workplace component. Maybe you’ve taken work placement students in the past. But a typical aged care Certificate III course requires a student to do 120 hours of work placement. This is volunteer labour for you, but realistically you will be providing guidance to the student for all 120 hours. Then they are gone.

Compare this to a Nambucca Vocational College aged care traineeship. Yes there is an investment on your part. You will need to provide staff to give on the job support and mentoring. Students need to learn and practice their skills in a safe and supervised work setting. But you are investing in students who will take on a work load while they are training, and could even become permanent staff. Your investment can return real value.

Of course there is some ‘fine print’ with a traineeship.

The Work Ready stage is actually a precursor to the formal traineeship. There is no training contract but you are expected to provide support to the students on their work placement days. Your investment is staff time and ‘know how’ – just like you would provide for any new recruits.

Once you choose candidates for the traineeship stage you sign a training contract. This is a three-way contract between you, the trainee and an apprenticeship agency. Your commitments are to give on the job support and mentoring relevant to the program, release the trainees for their structured training days and employ the trainees under specified conditions, for example, the training wage.

No obligation, no risk. Find out how a Nambucca Vocational College traineeship provides a cost effective way to build your skills profile.

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How hard is it to get started?

Not hard at all. Nambucca Vocational College can be your training department, if you don’t have one. Or we can take the some of the load off your learning and development team. We can be your own enterprise training provider. To make it really easy…

  • We can draft a program showing you the options in a nationally recognised qualification in aged care, disability or home and community care.
  • You check how this fits with your needs.
  • We work with you to select the skills that you want and ensure they fit with the qualification.

Nambucca Vocational College can help coordinate any aspect of your program. Setting up, advertising, selection processes, helping your staff to mentor the trainees. Our team has years of experience working in industry and delivering workplace training.

No obligation, no risk. Find out how we can help build your skills profile.

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Need a better skills profile for existing staff?

Ready-made skills development

Are there new industry practices and technology that you need your staff to take on?

Has your business changed focus or added different services? Or do staff need to ‘refresh’ their existing skills?

Our short courses could be the answer.

You may already know the skills gaps or refresher needs in your workforce. You might want your staff to attend an existing short course. Have a look at our aged care courses, hospitality courses, first aid certificate, assist clients with medication, responsible service of alcohol or gambling and aged care manual handling training.

Employer discounts are available for three or more employees from your organisation. Keep in mind we can also deliver these on site for groups of five or more.

Find a course!

Customised skills development

If you are not sure what skills you need Nambucca Vocational College can help. It’s like having your own enterprise training provider. Our team has years of experience working in industry and delivering workplace training. To make it really easy…

  • We will work with you to identify the skills you need to support your business goals.
  • We help you analyse your existing workforce skills to identify any skills gaps.
  • Then we look at all the options and advise how best to solve your skills gaps and whether any government subsidies might apply.

Perhaps you will benefit from a full qualification for selected staff. Or targeted training in units of competency might do the trick. Or bespoke workplace training could be the best option.

No obligation, no risk. Let’s talk about your job roles and your ideal workers.

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